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So how does it work?

ILO’s are great for Networkers they are structured to allow you to chose products and services you want to sell and make it easy for you to have multiple revenue earning opportunity. In other words you can focus on what you best which is selling and let the eco system of ILO provide data, due diligence, dynamic products and services and manage it all in one portal.

ILO University teaches people all the ILO ins and outs, dos and don’ts as well as trains students in building portfolios and even how to evaluate a company seeking to list an ILO and gives them the right to become a registered listing agent. The money earning opportunities are vast and wide. They are also considerable. ILO university is 2,000 USD to join, it comprises of a 6-week course of video-based learning, there is a 200-page text book which serves as a reference guide to newly graduated specialists. 

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Each graduate gets 500$ in their account upon completion of the course from the 2,000$ paid, and each person on the course has the right to introduce a new student and in true ILO spirit gets paid 1,000$ commission. 

So, in a nutshell ILO’s are new, they are an incredible hybrid of Crowdfunding, IPO’s and even dare we say it ICO’s, they all had their place and aim to do similar things but in today’s world ILO’s will simply do it all much much better.

FiveXNow allows a qualified Networker or Network Marketer to get a discount of $1750 taking the price to $200 to start the course and have the right to make introductions and get paid $1000 on them. As there is no one above you in the structure we can offer this. Obviously, you don’t get the 500$ but you do get all the other benefits.

This is a mass declaration of independence for the capital markets and everyone who participates in them, we call it the age of the Capital SuperhighwayTM

Focus on what you do best which is selling, the eco system takes care of the rest